Friday, December 4, 2009

The Countdown Has Begun!

We've been busy this week putting the final touches on our Google map with all the great places we'll visit this month.  People keep asking me, "what are you going to do in Paris for a month?"  The answer - live!  We plan on putting on about 20 collective pounds by eating our way through the 20 addrondissments.  We've done hours of research on where the best bistros, food markets and specialty shops are located.  Many of the places we've chosen we learned about through the usual suspects -  Pudlo, Gourmet Secrets, Paris Eating, Patricia Wells, David Lebovitz, Chez Pim, and my personal fave, Clotilde of Chocolate & Zucchini.  Here is a picture of Vivienne helping us map out the adventure.  To see our Google map click on the link below.

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