Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Air France Is The Way to Fly

Vivienne received special treatment going though security as we rushed to the front of the line, the little ham is making friends everywhere she goes!  We stopped for a quick bite before takeoff and as we headed for the gate a representative from Air France was yelling at us in French to, "dépêchez-vers le haut vous sont en retard!" Who are you calling retard??  Oh right, retard --late!  Eeek, we're late??  What do you mean we are late?  We sprinted towards the gate which is not easy with the bébé in the stroller, the diaper bag, the carry on and no elevator in sight.  Luckily Laura sprinted ahead down the escalator and and let them know we were coming.  They told Laura to just board and they would do what they could to wait a few more minutes for me to arrive.  Bless her heart she ran up the down escalator and helped me carry the stroller down to the gate. Whew!

We ordered a bassinet for Vivienne which hooks onto the bulkhead wall.  I can't imagine flying without one of these!

Things really started looking up once they came around with vin rouge/baguette cart. 


Hey...this is great!  How long is this flight and will they keep pushing that cart around the whole time?  Seriously, they're showing The Time Traveler's Wife and Julie & Julia and 500 Days of Summer - sweet - I'm staying up all night!

Over served.

By the way, Papa - do you recognize my jammies??

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