Friday, December 4, 2009

The Packing is Complete!

I've always been a carry on girl, even when I went to Italy for 8 weeks after winemaking school.  Now I find myself packing 2 HUGE suitcases that I will be CHECKING.  C'est la vie!  I admit, I started packing weeks ago so I could check and recheck my packing list and be sure to remove any nonessential items.  Packing for me is easy, it's the packing for an 8 month old that's hard.  Check out the awesome luggage I found at TJ Maxx ;-).  My strategy was to buy the craziest luggage I could find so that it's easy to spot at baggage claim and the likelihood of someone mistaking it for their own is slim.  Not bad huh?  The black bag is the carry on with all of Vivienne's things including Gordon the horse, 3 changes of clothes, a few books/toys, my ipod/headphones and travel pillow and of course a few trashy magazines for me.  WoooHoo!  I am so excited.  I could hardly sleep last night.  I can almost taste the pain au chocolat now!

Neil will snap a picture of us at the airport and upload it to let you know we're airborne.  Bon voyage!


  1. What a beautiful picture! I am so jealous but so excited for you and your family. You will be creating wonderful first christmas memories for your daughter so don't forget your camera. I hope that was the first thing you packed! Au Revoir!

  2. ooooh u put pictures up in your room! awesome luggage =]
    hope you are having fun =)